Saturday, April 5, 2008

We've come full circle

I think I can truly blame this on Jared Daily- once we saw his blog for his family, it seemed like a great way to keep everyone on-target with information about OUR family... So, here we go:
Drue is getting more and more notoriety as a composer- his String Quartet No.2 was just performed at the school by the Utah Canyonlands Ensemble and his Brass Quintet No.1 is being PREMIERED by a local professional quintet called "Brass Tacks". We're very excited to hear this.
Ashley is a very busy mom- between James, teaching piano lessons, selling Mary Kay (which is going quite well by the way- she is the No.10 Top seller in her National Area), being in the Primary Presidency and keeping Drue alive, she has a lot to do- and wouldn't have it any other way.
James is ACTIVE. He loves to climb all over anything that will hold still long enough for him to get a foothold. He also seems to enjoy sitting in small buckets, laundry baskets, dish drying racks and overturned step-stools. We haven't figured out why yet. 
We did just find out yesterday that the reason James is not speaking yet is because he has severe hearing loss and can't hear anything under 75 decibels (speaking normally is about 40 dec.). We have more appointments with the Ear,Nose,Throat Dr. and will have some options in about 10 days. But until we can be sure what's going on, please keep him in your prayers.

I hope to keep this current. Keep checking back with us for new photos, news about Drue and maybe a bit of fun.