Wednesday, September 24, 2008


On August 13, Drue got hit by a car. He's fine now, but I thought I'd post pictures of the bike and some abrasion...

This is called a "taco wheel". Notice that the rim has been bent and twisted into and almost "taco shell" shape.
Just one of the many abrasions. We feel very blessed for Drue to have sustained minor injuries- considering what the REST of the bike looked like... The frame (a TREK frame) was seriously bent and the pedal on the side he was struck was pushed into a vertical position- had his foot been in it, he would have crushed all the bones in his foot.
Its times like these that make you truly thankful for the blessings and good health of your family! Drue healed like a champ! Thank you to all for your prayers and love.

Labor day- finally

So, I realize that Labor day was almost a month ago. Please forgive me. We decided to celebrate the Labors of our lives with a family trip to the temple grounds. James loved it! He had a great time running away from us as often as he could! We visited the tabernacle now that it's re-opened, and he delighted all the Sister Missionaries and older couples by wrenching out of my grip and RUNNING down the aisle to the front- disturbing all kinds of folks and laughing out loud. To be honest, it WAS cute.
James and I decided we needed to pose for a picture. I think this may be the first time I have posted a picture of myself on this blog. Aren't the flowers lovely? The ground's keepers are always wonderful and prepared for the next "flowering" season!
I think baby bottoms are the cutest things!
James decided to help the gardeners out by "cutting the grass" (read: pulling out handfuls of it)
"watering the plants" (read: shaking his sippy cup out) and "mulching" (read: depositing all the pulled up grass on the flowers). It really was a sweet gesture.
He was so proud of himself after helping. Notice the car in his hand... we can never get him to let go on one of these! He doesn't carry his blanket around like Linus, and he doesn't use a binky anymore- but the car is his security! And, instant entertainment whenever he's bored.