Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The (d)evolution of a beard

Winters here are tough. They are hard on the health, hard on the skin, and hard on the face.
Drue has been sporting a home grown face-muff (read: beard) for almost all winter.
And last week, enough was enough.
So, he decided to shave it off.
In pieces.

We tried to plan the best possible removal method, trying to find the one that would result in the best pictures.
Here is what we came up with:

Step 1: Start with a full beard.
Step 2: Shave just the middle of your chin like so-
Step 3: Shave the rest of your chin to give you the awesomest mutton-chops ever!
Now pucker up and give your wife the worst kiss ever.

Step 4: Trim down the mutton chops into a great droopy 'stache-
( I'm so grateful he doesn't have a super full beard- it would just be hideous)
Step what-ever-we're-on-now. 5: Trim to just a plain ol' 'stache and adopt alternate persona, one that ensures your wife will disown you if you keep that horrible hedgerow.
When in a pinch, a smile always works.
Step 6: Trim long border into a short border. Become a french inspector momentarily.
Step 7: Enjoy that clean face once again! Bonus: Loose 10 years in the process of conversion! I love that he looks perpetually 20- even at 30ish.
Give me a big cheesy smile that I can Vignette and Matt and Blur Edge to show of that clean-shaven visage.
Ahhh... that's better.