Thursday, May 27, 2010

No, I mean exercise.

This really happened to me yesterday.

Drue and I took the time to go to an AWESOME thrift store here in Lincoln. Oliver was with us too.

We're just shopping- you know the kind, just browsing and not looking for anything particular until something pops out at you. That's the best kind I think, because you didn't think you needed anything but you're ALWAYS wrong, and pleasantly so.

Back to browsing.

I decided I should look at the exercise gear to see if I can find a pair of (smaller, FINALLY) running pants or shorts. I can't find the section I need and there's a staff member in front of me so I ask

"Excuse me, I'm looking for your exercise clothing. Where is that section?"

"Do you mean the Plus Size section?"

(me in disbelief. Did she really just suggest I find clothing in the plus size section? I pause before answering)

"Well, I know I'm not petite or anything, but I mean the exercise clothing section, I'm looking for a new pair of running pants or shorts."

"okay, well the sweatpants and stuff are right there and the Plus size section is right next to it."

Let's pause here a second for some clarification...
I am not in plus size clothing. I may not be as slim and trim as I once was (let's all heave a collective sigh for the days of size 6.... And now let's all re-energize out thoughts that it IS possible to regain -most- of our formerly svelte figures), but really. I've no doubt that I have the potential to reach plus-size proportions but I have been working really hard on keeping myself healthy. I'm sure this staff member was not trying to be hurtful but it was truly depressing. In a serious way!
What this woman seemed to say to me was:
I see that you are obviously overweight, frumpy and less-attractive than me, so you might want to see the exercise section, but I think you obviously are delusional and so I'm going to recommend you to the plus size outer-darkness in this store- IT'S WHERE YOU BELONG.


I have news for you dearie.
My body may not be in great shape, but it's getting progressively better.
I've had 2 CHILDREN for heaven's sake- and you look like you're 15, so I'm gonna guess you have none. Just wait honey, kids ruin the figure.
And I'm not dressed to the nines. So what that I had a rough morning, my hair is tied back in a bun, I'm not wearing even a hint of makeup, my best supporting bra is in the wash and there's baby juice on my shirt. Don't you have off days too?!

I'm working on it.

I can't really wish you ill- that's just not something I do. But please be more considerate next time you run into a woman like me- and compliment her instead of insulting her. The Karma will be better for you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Olive-r

This face has officially turned one! Who can resist this? Well, folks who endeavor to stay clean for one- and Oliver is clearly not one of those.

It's fun to see the little persons inside emerge over the course of the first year. Obviously we knew who this little boy was when he was born- I definitely recognized him. But his personality is hard to discern in the "wormy worm" phase of life:)

Oliver is a very social little guy- he always wants to be around people and is happy to get to know new friends. He has a sense of humor and it's fun to play chase with him- he get's the biggest kick out of being chased around the living room.
He doesn't really seem to care about walking yet, which I don't mind at all!
But he loves books. Loves books. And is very independent about turning his own pages.

The grass is a constant source of consternation. So is the sidewalk. I think it's the texture.

And he only wants to eat REAL food. This is a good thing.

We love our big little boy (and little is the true part- he's tiny for his age) and wish him a happy happy birthday!

More garden

Things are up!
Tomatoes (only two though, I'll replant on saturday)
carrots (see previous posting)

I'm still waiting on a few things and getting the rest of things planted this weekend!
Things to plant:
Re-plant those that didn't come up the first time (it's called stagger planting and I'm already in love with the concept!)

And I need to bunnie-proof the rest of the boxes.

I'm really happy with my garden!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gardening and clumpy carrots

I am a murderer.
A carrot murderer.
And not in the cooking way.

Wish I could take pics- but no replacement camera yet, so imagine with me.

I built 3 garden boxes this year- 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 1 foot high. I filled these boxes with composting material to create 3 composting garden beds that will compost themselves into delightful soil for all type of vegetable and animal topiary living there.
Everything has gone well so far- I've got my rabbit wire up (because rogue bunnies run wild out here and eat everything that isn't protected), my ground-squirrel problem taken care of and my seeds all planted.
My carrots have come up first! And I'm very excited about them- I just wasn't expecting every singe carrot seed to sprout! And because this is my first try to grow the carroty types, and I have HUNDREDS of seeds that I was not about to plant one by one in a 3" by 3" spacing grid, I just dug a shallow furrow and sprinkled carrot seeds around. I thought this was being time-effective. I do not think that any more.

Which brings me to why I'm a murderer.

Yesterday, as I was inspecting and watering the garden and just enjoying being outside sans kiddos (they were in bed!), I decided it was time to "thin out" the carrots. And rightfully so! They have been growing enthusiastically. Too enthusiastically.

I begin to systematically select plants to keep and plants to terminate. All the while I'm trying to decide which plants I want to keep, I'm apologizing to the plants I can't keep.

Me: (ripping up a clod of carrots) I'm so sorry you little guys, it's just that I have to select one of you to occupy this 3" square and you are bunching up in a way that won't work for me. It's okay, I'm just going to return you to the soil in the big compost pile and hopefully you can forgive me someday.

Them: (being ripped out) murderer. you never gave us a chance. I hope you turn orange from eating too much beta-carrotene. Or worse, that your entire garden FAILS because you practiced systematic genocide on helpless baby carrots. YOU planted us here- this is all YOUR fault.

Me: you're right! I'll never do this to another batch of carrots ever again! I will take the time to plant each seed individually in a 3" square grid to maximize output and never commit carrot-murder again!

I came in from pulling up carrots seriously questioning my sanity. Is this what gardening is going to lead to- me talking to my plants and responding to their comments?!

But then Drue and I just laughed at it, and so I guess that's okay.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Reason I Love Prokofiev - His Piano Sonata No. 7, Precipitato

This may not be the most accurate performance of this piece, but it may be the most exciting I've ever seen.

Monday, May 10, 2010

One Reason I Love Shostakovich - His Second Piano Trio

This performance is absolutely amazing. One of my all time favorite works.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

For future reference

To those who will one day be a part of the Priesthood leadership or in the Bishopric, here's how to get Mother's Day right for the women:
1. Get their husbands to cover their callings for one hour.
2. Before that hour, set up tables (with tablecloths!) and chairs
3. Serve the women of the ward PIE- any kind they want, take the kids and let us socialize!

Really, way way WAY better than a wilted potted Geranium.

Thank you, priesthood, for that small moment of sanity. That was priceless.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tonight's quip

Me: I love leeks

Drue: So do Plumbers.

classic husband remark.


(insert copyrighted photo of Avatar here)

Since I'm not allowed to pirate a photo of Avatar by copyright laws, you'll just have to imagine one.

classic story:
Outsider. Encounters a small, vulnerable population. Tries to fit in. Tries hard. Insiders eventually accept outsider. Danger threatens. Outsider is only one who understands and must lead Insiders to victory. Battle. Insiders win. Outsider an Insider for real. The end.

Pretty much Avatar in a nutshell, yeah?

Did I like it?
Well, no. But why?
Three words: Sweeping camera moves.
Seriously, I got motion sick just sitting on my couch! I've NEVER been motion sick in my LIFE. Ever. I felt sick to my stomach for 2 and a half hours. yuck.
Also, I felt it was extremely over-produced. In the "Summer Blockbuster" category. Which I've never really been a huge fan of.
So, maybe I'm just old here. Or maybe it wasn't as great a movie as it thought it was.

Either way, when I want to see this story line again, I'll just watch Dances With Wolves. At the very least, it won't make me sick to just WATCH it.