Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A while

I haven't posted in a while but I thought I should let everyone know what the news is in Lake Woebegone.
First, Drue returned from his Peabody audition with confidence and an idea of what to expect going into other DMA interviews. His exams went well enough- ear training was rough but when you haven't had to dictate for 3 years, things are bound to slip. HIs Theory exam went very well and he was interviewed for an Assistantship in that area. He enjoyed his time at the school- said it felt like a castle fortress but in a good way. He likes the faculty there and felt very welcomed by them. Here's the catch though: Peabody, while it IS a top 3 music school in the nation, does not fund well. Tuition ALONE is $33,000.00 per year. This is quite a chunk of change for po' kids like us. We will not be moving to Baltimore in the near future- even if they offer to fund considerably- its just too darn expensive!

James is saying more words! He can say "eyes" now and tried "cheeks" yesterday. His favorite game is to point to facial features and hear the names- eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, ant-brain, hair- always in that order. So we're extremely happy that he's trying to say new words. He is also beginning to read books to us! After hearing the book a few times, he will say some "words" and turn the page, say more, turn page etc.. however, we have noticed that its always the same sounds for certain pages! This is important because it lets us know that he is identifying certain sounds that go with certain visuals and repeat what he can back to us consistently. He LOVES to "sing" songs with me and does what actions he can- its really neat to see him ask for a certain song by doing his favorite actions from that particular song! I'm so thankful to have a healthy boy who is developing well at the pace that is right for him. Still waiting to hear MaMa, but he can do the sign so I guess thats going to have to work for now.

I am doing well enough. I had to go get a back brace for preggy women yesterday because I've been struggling with my back for about 2 months now, trying everything I can and nothing was working. So, my Dr. suggested I try a back brace. Its not a pretty thing, but it seemed to help yesterday- my jury is still out but I have hopes. The baby is also doing well- kicking and rolling around in there. No hiccups yet, but I guess its a little early for that yet. I'm at 6 months on Sunday! I can't believe how fast the time with this one seems to have gone. It must be because of all the other stuff I've been doing:). My piano students are doing well and I'm proud of the progress they are making- and most of them actually practice! Imagine that! My life right now is in limbo because of all the stinkin' WAITING I'm doing right now. I guess thats just life right? My sister is waiting for her hip to heal. My husband is waiting for more acceptance letters. I'm waiting for a new baby and talking from the boy... the trick is to enjoy life between the events! And my life is really going as well as it can right now. I'm thankful for that.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I thought this was a pretty impressive way to help understand (by way of 2 cows) how the financial bubble burst- I'm looking at you AIG.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a few thoughts

I had an epiphany the other day and I think I'll share:
I was reading in the newspaper about all the hoopla surrounding the Superbowl and have come to a realization of a few things I really do not care about.
I really don't care about the superbowl. When I was in school, it seemed really important to know who and what the superbowl was all about, so I pretended to the BEST of my ability to be interested in the whole shebang. I think I am finally in a place where I can say- I did NOT watch the superbowl, I DO NOT regret that and I am not going to watch it next year. Some may argue that its important to keep abreast of the pop-culture influences and the Superbowl is one of those things, but i think it is a waste of my time and i really am not that concerned about being "cool" anymore.

I do not care about being fashionable anymore. When I worked at Nordys, it was imperative for my job that I look the part. Don't get me wrong, I still care about looking nice- but my idea of what looks good on me and the stuff i see when out shopping, it makes me think I was born in the wrong era. I prefer to wear cardigans, witty shirts (like Mental floss) and I don't mind skirts that come to my knees. A bikini and I will never get along. Neither will "skinny jeans". And black is always in style.

I do not care about straightening my hair. This was a big one for me... used to be that I straightened my hair everyday! What a waste of nice looking hair! I've accepted my hair for what it is- curly, and have not messed with that for a LONG time now. Plus, I'm a mom of a toddler with another on the way- I don't have TIME to straighten my hair! AND, I LIKE my hair. 'nuff said.

But some things I DO care about:
I DO care about my son getting the help he needs when and where he needs it- even if I have to drive all over creation. He is the light of my life- thats why I call him my "sunshine".
I DO care very deeply about my family. They need me as much as I need them. This simple statement applies to my parents and in-laws as well.
I DO care about music. This may seem like a trite statement, but consider this: I have made music my profession- I studied VERY hard and practiced for COUNTLESS hours to become as skilled as i am today. This kind of devotion to my craft makes it an invaluable piece of my personality; it influences my thoughts, my actions, my feelings, what I read, what I'm making for dinner and who I can talk comfortably to. It is one of the reasons I have my husband and why we are doing well together. Some people prefer a date to the movies- I prefer a date to the Symphony. I'm NOT saying I don't ALSO like going to the movies- because I do- but there is another feeling altogether associated with the sounds of the Symphony. I have a piano studio with 9 students- MOST of whom are 8 or older. I am taking my older students to see Rachmaninoff's Piano concerto No.2 at the Utah Symphony in April and the TOTAL cost of their tickets was $132.00. contrast that with a SINGLE ticket to see The Eagles (who I will NEVER bad-mouth in ANYWAY, they are great rock musicians), a single ticket to see The Eagles is OVER $400.00. This seems a LITTLE out of whack to me, but no matter- I care about music in a very disciplined way that most people will never understand.
I DO care about the gospel. I can honestly say that it is the foundation of my faith which manifests itself in so many different ways and I am grateful for the positive influence it has been for my life, giving me direction, motivation and comfort when none seemed possible.

I think I'm done now- James just woke up from his nap, but I needed to share. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Equine Therapy

Hello fellow equine friends. I am really excited about a new therapy for James that I discovered- not by myself though- today: its called Equine Therapy. Essentially, its therapy for kids (and adults) using Horses! Now, anyone who knows ANYTHING about me knows how much I LOVE horses- so finding a therapy for kids who are developmentally delayed using HORSES was like a hole in one for me! I know I can't be the only one in the whole world who is excited about this- and not just because I've been a horse nut my whole life. There is a 'school' (or ranch, for lack of a better word) in Highland, UT that works specifically with this kind of therapy and I want to get the word out for them. They are called Courage Reins which I think is a great play on words: Courage reigns- as in 'rules' and courage Reins- as in the things you drive a horse with. Here is their website if any of you are interested:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lost and found

I lost my keys a couple of days ago. So, I had been using Drue's keys to get around and take care of business. On Sunday, as we were running out of the house to get to church early because I'm in charge of Sharing Time this month, Drue asks me if the door is locked. Um, I don't think so I say. So, he runs back to lock it. I'm not huge on locking doors- I guess I just feel FAR more safe than my paranoid hubby who locks every door he can find.
At the end of Sacrament meeting (it's last for us) I ask Drue where the keys are because I'll be the one taking James home- Drue has to go administer the Sacrament to the "shut-ins" with the Young Men. He stops. Thinks. Purses lips. I start to laugh. Thats right- We're locked OUT of the house. Again. We do this to ourselves at least once a year, and I'm thinking the last time this happened was in September! Our track record is not a good one.
We call our landlord. He's in church too.
We ask a few people if they know how to pick a lock. Finally, we find Bro.Poulsen who can not only pick a lock, but ALSO has his own set of lock picking tools. Wow. We tell him to meet us at home.
On go the Jackets. Out we march of the church to home sweet home.
I'm giving Drue a loving, but pretty rigorous, good-natured ribbing about always locking us out of the house. And he's taking it like a champ.
So, we meet Bro.Poulsen at our door and he begins to try to pick the lock. And tries. And tries. Its getting COLD outside.
Since I've got my Jacket on, I decide to put my hands in my pockets and try to keep them warm. You know how when you put your hand into jacket pockets your fingers just start "fingering" things- doesn't matter what they are! I had put my lip gloss in my jacket pocket and was-I thought- just playing with that while waiting for my door to be unlocked.
It was my keys.
Thats right, I have been standing outside with my family in the FREEZING air waiting for someone else to pick my lock while I've been playing with my KEYS in my jacket pocket.
Needless to say, Drue started guffawing with delight that I had my keys all along and I am now not allowed to give him a hard time about locking us out.
Fair? I think not. :)