Saturday, July 21, 2012

On why I do not have pictures nor a story about this summer

For those who are just DYING for an update on my little family, here it is.
It's going to be short.
And sweetness may have no part in my writing.

What we have done in the routine:
summer academy

What we have done out of the routine:
DCI in Omaha.
water sports at the lake with good friends.

So, as you can see, our summer has been VERY tame. I make sure we have something to do every day- it get's us out of the house for most of the day and I am the kind of person to DO things when I spend time with my family.

Mostly, though, this has been a summer of enormously lazy proportions.
The kind of summer you look back on and say:
"What did we do?"
"Oh yeah! That was awesome."

So, to those long summer days, I've enjoyed you. It's actually starting to get dark around 9 o'clock now.
Soon, the trees will start to turn.
Soon, football will rule the town.
Soon, school will start and for the first time in our entire marriage, I will not send my husband to school.
That will be weird.

Summer days, driftin' away, but- oh! Oh those summer nights...