Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More pics of the Garden

We had so many pictures of the Sunken Gardens, I just had to post some the I'm particularly proud of.
Drue and James at the Koi pond.
This is my picture of a pink lotus. I haven't touched up anything on this- it just came out like that!
The Hydrangeas are WHITE. I thought they were supposed to be pink or blue depending on the acidity of the soil? Mom? Any thoughts?
This Gladiolus looked so neat with the sun shining through- I couldn't help myself:)
These are the largest Hibiscus flowers I've ever seen! They were 12" in diameter!
So, there.
I had a great time taking pics- I actually drained the batteries in 20 minutes. The Boys were good sports- stopping every 2 seconds for me to take pics. Love those guys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The very hungry caterpillar

James LOVES reading. We LOVE to hear him read!
If you're wondering, he's just reciting- not really reading, and he'll say just about every other word.
When he's going through the various fruits, because all the days of the week end in "day", he just says "day"
My favorite moment here is when he says "on monday, he ate through ONE apple" and holds up two fingers, then realizes his mistake, and fixes it! Such a sweet boy! And his speech is coming along nicely!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The sunken gardens

I want you all to come out to Lincoln and come to the Sunken Garden with us! We went for labor day and it is a BEAUTIFUL place. I hope the pictures do it justice.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family pics

We took these pictures recently. I hope you like them. We did.


I think the shirt says it all.
oh! home game today.


This is a brag on me post.
well, not brag. perhaps VINDICATE is a better word.
I know a LOT of useless junk- probably too much. I've said before my favorite website in the whole world is mental_floss.com, which is still true.
But WHY? Why do I love the interesting- yet ultimately trivial- factoids, lists and the like?
See this board? See the two pieces? The one in the middle- or the winner? yeah. thats me:)
This is how I like to play- fun snacks and a cute husband- but he declined to be photographed for my triumphant posting. See, he thought I'd LOOSE- because I'd never played before. But the funny thing is that after almost every question I answered, he'd ask, "how did you know that?!".
Oh honey, I know all kinds of things you don't know I know. And even things I didn't remember I knew! Things like the name of the pinball machine in the rock-opera ' Tommy'- which is, of course, Pinball Wizard -thank you Dad! The Who? Who?
I love this game.
oh! And I also won the rematch. Drue did MUCH better, but I still won :)