Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I want you to click here NOW. Mental Floss strikes again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

more pictures

We are working on getting this kid to give up the binky... 
James and I modeling our aprons! He loves to help me in the kitchen especially if its got anything to do with the dishwasher.
This picture was taken during General Conference! He walked his pants off, went to the sink cupboard, took out the dish rack and this is the result...
My little tractor man! He loved the tractor at the farm! After chasing the birds, riding the tractor was his favorite thing!

When it rains...

Last friday, I happened to look at the back tires on my car and noticed they were low. VERY low. So, I took my car to my mechanic and asked what it would cost to get new back tires only- since the fronts were recently replaced. Oh, and could he add an oil change, and my A/C needed to be re-vamped for the summer. Sure- was the reply. Won't cost more than $200. Okay, I'm thinking to myself, $200 to fix my tires and get the car ready for summer. Sounds good. So, this morning I took my car into my mechanic and said to call me when he's done. "Shouldn't be more than 1 hr!" he says as I'm pushing James' stroller out the door. Just as we're about to leave, I notice a FRONT tire looks VERY flat. So, I poke my head in the shop and say- "Hey, Ryan! My front right tire looks flat now too! Can you fix it?" "Sure". I think every mechanic learns in school to always say "sure" but then never tell what they might be charging to "fix it".  This was at 10:30am. I just got a call at 1:00pm saying my car is ready- oh, and the price tag is $257! When it rains (which it is today) it pours! 

Friday, May 9, 2008


I just realized I didn't let you all know about James' ear saga. We went to the EarNoseThroat Doc and he took a look at James' ears and said that we should get tubes in ASAP. That was on April 18th and we scheduled his tubes for the soonest available appointment- May 29th! So, while I had hoped to have the tubes in by the time we were in CA, it is not going to happen like that. We are making progress on making noises and responding to aural stimulus though. Last night at dinner, James said "Mama" for the first time since his seizure. We were so happy!!! It is not a LOT but it is a step in the right direction and we're grateful for him. He has a speech therapist- Michelle- who comes over twice a month to check up on him and give me more ideas on how to help him speak. Thats why "mama" is such a HUGE thing- it means something is working! We just love our little Funny.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So I fell...

For the 4th time this year, I have fallen down my stairs. I don't mean to fall down them. Sometimes I just slip on the carpet. Sometimes I loose my balance because I'm carrying a lop-sided parcel, carrying James or anything else. This time, however, I just lost count of the stairs and stepped from 3 stairs up to the floor. It was graceful (as falling down the stairs usually is), not long and I ended up flat against a wall. However, I did re-injure my foot which I'm already struggling with Proneal Facitics (look it up) due to my (now half) marathon training- which means another week of Pliates only. Also I ended up spraining my thumb. I don't know how many of you have ever sprained your thumb but it an extremely inconveniencing injury. I'm a pianist, so I cannot play anything above a 5th in my left hand and this makes practicing difficult. Drue asked if I were okay, and then just chuckled with the line "what is is with you and stairs? can't you just walk down them like a normal person instead of falling down them?" I see his point. But its always faster to fall.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You mom is a blogger....

Okay, I've been put to shame by my mother. I've been attempting to fulfill the post of "purveyor of information, keeper of keys and doer of chores" which also happily includes blogging. I'm not REAL good at this, but I'm trying to learn. Yesterday, I talked to my parental units and was informed that my MOM has a blog. This is the embarrassing part- her blog is AWESOME. Pictures, TONS of text, and she's funny too!! I used to rib my mom for not being able to type her own e-mail. Now, I am ashamed. Who is this funny woman behind the postings? I'll include a link to her blog so you can check out her "space" and if you're interested, you can see pics of my family in Canada-eh?
Click here