Sunday, August 31, 2008

Auntie Mame

Every one needs an "Auntie Mame"! James just happens to be lucky enough to have a REAL Auntie Mame- my sister, Amy. This great picture of James on his new "big boy bed" features his birthday presents from Auntie Mame- Red Sheets, a new Lightning McQueen Blanket and LMcQ PJ's.
Here's his car collection! I think we have almost every car from the movie. His favorite car is the Sheriff (now we have 2) and then in close second- Doc Hudson. He is such a car boy! He can't contain his delight when he gets a new car to play with! And it's not just cars- trucks, dump trucks, loaders etc... Anything with wheels, he LOVES. On the way to church this morning we saw a "mini-loader"- like a Bobcat, and he just stood there looking at this thing- mouth agape- and then got all excited that he saw a REAL one. We just love his little bones!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The third time's the charm

I've tried to post this entry twice already, but my internet connection keeps fizzing out. So, here's the third enstallment of the Birthday Boy Saga! We were planning on having his party at the local park, but the weather god didn't check his calendar to make sure it would not be raining, so we had to make do with my house and backyard.
James got his very own cup of (watered down) sprite! He really enjoyed it.
This is what happens when you have too much to drink... even if it is just sprite- he's only 2! I wonder what his BSL (blood soda level) is?Half the party people outside while I'm cooking burgers- manning the grill so they don't burn!
This is Drue helping James open his presents! There were a BILLION kids running around my house, backyard, front yard and bathrooms. We had 22 people all crammed into my little downstairs living room and kitchen! It was HOT with that many bodies and we had the swamp-cooler on HI too! James had a great birthday party- his favorite part was when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday"- he got this enormous smile on his face and clapped when everyone was done. We DID have a difficult time blowing out the candles, though. He tried to touch them, but mom was quicker. All in all, it was a blessing to have so many friends to share his birthday with and we are grateful to everyone for their GENEROUS gifts... They were many, and James just loves them all!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

This is a "tandem post" with my sister to say a BIG HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (#19) to my parents: Alan and Michelle Simpson! We've been a family now for 19 years... that really seems like a long time when I put it in writing, but really, it seems to have gone on longer... or shorter. Depens on the day. I remember the day my parents got married- I can't forget it! It's my birthday! I remember jumping on the Michael's trampoline with Amy and getting our dresses dirty and ripped. (Granna was not happy about that!) I remember there was a lunar eclipse and the cake was yummy- so were the other food stuffs.
Here we are- 19 years later. And what's changed? A lot, but we remain family in a very real way!
Happy Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad- you're doing great!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The cake

Well, here it is! This is the Lightning McQueen cake I worked on for 2 days! Isn't it awesome?!
The red "icing" is a read fondant (that I also made). Unfortunately, the fondant I made is not friendly to heat, and also is not that wonderful to roll out in big sheets... Verily, I got a read fondant about 1/8 inch thick and lumpy in most places.
The tires are the wonderful Hostess Chocolate Frosted Donettes. The "windows" are white fondant, as well as the "swoop".
The anatomy of a cake: We  (Devany and I) built this cake in two steps: a regular pan "rectangle" cake and a "bowl" cake that we glued together with icing and then sculpted out McQueen's hood, side and back- adding cake where we needed to build him up.
Here's the back! Notice the tail lights? Devany had a wonderful idea- and its even better that it worked! Take those sugar-coated, "fruit wedges" and roll them out with LOTS of granulated sugar. Then, cut out your shape and stick on! They were easy and lots of fun!
 Check back for pics of the actual party!