Monday, March 26, 2012

A complete list

I am a list person.
I wake up and write a list of the things I need to do for that day.
Usually, that list starts with the words: Get up.
And then I get to do this immediately: Get up
It sort of makes me feel like I've already accomplished one thing, so maybe I should keep going.

The next thing on that daily list is always: Eat breakfast.
Eat breakfast? Check. 
Eat breakfast.

In order I cross out:
Boys dressed.
D to Bus, J to school, O/A to Y

Some days, like mondays, I add:
Grocery shopping

And Mondays are the only day I get those two things done. So:
Grocery shopping

Then the rest of the day varies. Swim lessons, play with friends, go somewhere.

Three days of the week end like this:
A teach piano
Boys bed

For some reason, I never EVER cross those out, even though they are always done.

On my refrigerator, I usually have a list of projects that I'm working on:
N's Pillow
M's Bracelet
A's Pillow
O's quilt
A's dress

Those project lists remind me that I have work to do. Lots of it. But instead of being productive, like my lists normally inspire me to be, the project list just sits there, gathering length. 
The reason for this has to lay in the variable proximity of my sewing machine to a suitable work space, the availability of my materials and the organization thereof. Unfortunately, I have to store all my fabric, notions, patterns and other various crafting tools in large, plastic bins. The contents of those buckets get moved and moved and moved so often as I search through the rubble. It certainly does not help the discouraging organization.

I have a HUGE number of untold projects waiting for me to finnish.
I NEED to finnish them. Preferably before I die.

Drue helped me out in a big way, yesterday, inspiring me to DO the things I need to: He found a sewing table for me. 
Correction: he found a used desk that was just sitting outside which is a perfect size for a sewing table for me. 
BIG plus: it was free.

Since I'm talking about lists, here is a list of the things we have acquired for free:
A huge solid oak armoire for our TV, and movies
another TV
A desk chair
another desk chair
A refrigerator for his office
A microwave
Many many many baby clothes and baby accessories.
A large sewing table

Oh, and my beautiful pair of Old Gringo Boots. 

I feel like the Lord is keeping us well taken care of. Usually, we just have to wait for a bit.

But back to my table.
I now have a sewing table. One that I can LEAVE OUT. I don't have to put EVERYTHING away when I'm done using it. 
On the contrary.
It sits and waits for me!

Fabric has been organized, properly folded, stored. Notions cleaned out and ordered. Cutting mats, rulers, tools, patterns- all have a home. They are still in boxes, don't get me wrong. But now the BOXES have a home. Right next to the sewing table.

This is exciting. I'm sure it will become a HUGE mess, but for now, it's ordered, clean, new. 
Yes, that's the word.
Cordially your's,
The New Sewing Table.

Monday, March 19, 2012

To Princes

James wrote the following:

Dear Princes
I am Real
You are
To Princes
From Spider-MaN

I am the princess. I love that boy!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I love doing yoga.

I know some people hate it. (lookin' at you, D)

But I love it. Slow. Deliberate.

The line of the pose, the stretch up and out, the inward pause.

And maybe I'll be the "chubby yogi" for my whole life.

At least I'll be happy.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day light

Those without children may not "get" this, but I hate Day Light Savings.
I guess that's not entirely true.
I hate it in the spring.
When we loose an hour.
That precious hour.
That one hour that makes or breaks a whole day.

That one I did without this morning.

News flash: I don't do well with only 6 hours of sleep.

Also, I may not wait for fall to get my extra hour back. Is there any way we can strong-arm time BACK to where it was, say, saturday?!

I'm seeing a poster campaign:

If found, please return to me. ASAP.

It could work.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Thrift Store

Or: Why I bought a rain coat for james 4 years ago because it was a dollar and I knew I'd need it someday.

Have you ever had the experience of finding that AMAZING deal at a thrift store? The item fits perfectly. It's exactly what you need. You find yourself wondering how you have made it thus far through life without that item.

This story is not about that item.

Instead, its a short, but triumphant, mini-yahoo about thrift store shopping for the future.

When we lived in Utah, we had a thrift store, the likes of which I had not seen, and still have found no equivalent. The D-I. And not just any D.I. It was the Sugarhouse D.I.
We went every weekend. And sometimes I'd go in the middle of the week just because.
On one excursion to that promised land, I found a packable rain coat. Now, I happen to know a bit about  hiking and proper equipment for camping- I did work at REI in high school- and it finally paid off! THis was not a name-brand rain coat, but it had all the ingredients. So, I bought it.

Low and behold, it's a child's coat.

Well well. That's not a problem because I have two children. I tried it on J and it was a circus tent on him! I put it away until he could fit into it andI have been hauling that half-a-bag-of-beans sized coat/bag around for 4 years and today- today it finally fits!

Take this lesson to heart: Sometimes it's okay to buy a thing you will need in the future if and only if it's something to grow into, because the other way around is a rare thing:)