Wednesday, August 15, 2012

to do list

Things I'm trying to get around to doing:
blogging about James' birthday
sending out pictures to all the parents of their children who attended James' birthday party
blogging about James' first day of school- 1st grade edition
fall cleaning- the big one!
figuring out what we need to replace, recycle or refashion in our home
then doing that
trying to come up with some ideas for the craft fair in december
working on testing the recipes in 'the' cookbook
trying to not gain 10 lbs. while testing those recipes
blogging about my birthday (it's on thursday) and the amazing things I have planned for my birthday bash- two words: Tamale Party.

also, I need to potty train Oliver.
But I am dreading that moment. Not out of any true concern for my ability to produce a potty-trained child. No. It is because I hate potty training. I don't even have a pinterest board for it, I hate it so much.

thanks for listing to my list.

1 comment:

Kierst said...

1. Happy birthday! I hope your tamale party is/was fantastic and I wish I was there!
2. I hate potty training. I don't have a pinterest board for it, mostly because all of the ideas I see pinned about it don't work anyway. And I am doubting my ability of having a potty trained little boy. Just thinking about potty training again makes me not want any more children (that and possibly having to try nursing again).