Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Season's Greetings
from the Daily’s.
We have had quite a year and would like to
share a bit about it with you.

Drue - This has been a very big year for Dr. N. Drue Daily. As you can see, he graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with his DMA Composition. In addition to graduating, his Symphony In Three Marches is currently nominated for the Folsom Distinguished Dissertation Award Prize. The University just can’t seem to get enough of him, so he’s a Lecturer of Music in the music department, and he likes it. Good thing too. He just accepted a call to serve as the sunday school president in church and is a huge help to Ashley with the boys as she teaches piano. And in his “spare” time, he is building a small music typesetting business.
Ashley - Ashley is in love with the family’s new Petrof piano and the beautiful music it makes. She is still teaching piano and is very happy with the progress her studio is making. Running the Olathe, Kansas Oz Half-Marathon is becoming a yearly tradition for her and it’s almost time to start training again! All in all, this has been a very blessed year for her.
James - James started taking piano lessons this year and he loves it. He even wrote his first piece of music for the piano: Pancakes. He is in first grade at Humann Elementary and is very much enjoying school, his friends, and he even likes to do his homework. James loves to dress up still and is very into skeletons, Harry Potter, and still a bit into super heroes. He’s also learning how cool Legos are. Drue is happy about that.
Oliver - Oliver turned 3 this year and is such a joy! He loves to help his mommy do just about anything and particularly likes to sit on the counter and help her cook. He’s getting pretty good at cracking an egg. He loves to dance and sing, and play piano with his mom. Oliver is enamored with trains, particularly Thomas the Tank Engine, and is also loving his hot-wheel cars. He’s such a pleasant boy, we all adore him.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in his loving arms this new year,

Drue, Ashley, James, and Oliver

The Daily's