Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Maggie Files

This precious little darling is Maggie.
She was born after only a few quick hours of labor, some pitocin, an epidural, and 3 pushes.
I think she looks like the Rembrandt painting, Girl With A Pearl Earring in this picture.
She weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces (although, she did end up having quite a bit of fluid in her stomach, so that number may be a bit inflated), and was 20"long. Born with a very full head of dark hair, I think she will eventually go blonde.
She is a champion nurser, and also really good at body-fluid evacuation.
But she hates to burp.
Her very first burp was as dainty as can be, but her pitiful little cry after seemed to say, "Oh, that was so gross and very un-ladylike. I shall never do that again."
She is trying very hard to be a lady of her word.
She loves having her hair brushed, and taking long naps on mommy's chest. I love that too.
Her brothers are in love with her and always ask about her health, her sleeping, her crying, and J has already fetched me a new onesie! He's being so helpful. O is still wondering where he fits into the grand scheme of things now that he's been promoted to Big Brother status. I had forgotten the magic of a newborn baby and the sweetness they carry with them everywhere. D loves to sway with her- and she responds very well to her daddy.
One quick note about her: she has the longest, most beautiful hands I've ever seen. In the words of Flight Of The Conchords: She could be a part-time (hand) model.
Is that even a thing?
Her sweetness is so beautiful.

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